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European online law

The new world is a digital world and requires very specialized legal skills. LTA has you covered. Studio LTA has a wealth of experience in all aspects of online law, with special focus on privacy legislation, e-Commerce and rights management (DRM).

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Cross-border litigation

If you are facing litigation in commercial, employment or fiscal matters, LTA will be your strongest ally. We are able to support and assist you with all private and corporate legal matters in any jurisdiction in the world, thanks to our own experience and knowledge, plus that of the partner law firms who make up our consolidated network around the world.

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International taxation

LTA helps you grow and manage tax matters in the smartest way, taking care of all tax issues both in Italy and abroad. We are efficient, lean and have myriad experience in making sure that you never pay more in taxes than you have to. But we go further than this; through our expertise we help you reach international markets and reduce risks related to transnational operations.

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Transfer pricing

LTA can help you overcome the hurdles to make sure your transfer pricing strategy is a success. Through preparation of all the correct documentation and pricing analysis, the Studio helps you create a Transfer Pricing Report - an essential document for those wishing to avoid complaints and sanctions from the fiscal authorities.

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Tax and legal services

Studio LTA has extensive experience helping international firms conduct business in Italy and elsewhere. Founded on principles of client-centrism, deep expertise and a multifaceted approach to challenges, the Studio is an exceptional ally as you look to develop your interests internationally.

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