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Corporate compliance

Corporate compliance


A production company operating in northern Lombardy - to be able to participate in tenders issued by an international body - needed to adopt an Organisational, Management and Control policy (OMC). An OMC is a set of elements that make up a preventive risk management system, in practice it is essentially a set of organizational instructions, forms, procedures, codes of conduct, software, etc. designed in such a way as to lower the risk of certain crimes and misdemeanors being committed by the company and its employees.

With the help of the LTA professionals, the company realized that setting up this OMC, though difficult, was not impossible and, on top of that - far from being a mere "imposition" by several customers with whom it wanted to do business - the OMC resulted in improved efficiency in many business processes and procedures.

The LTA approach

LTA helped the company identify the business areas of risk; prepare the appropriate procedures and activities, set up the appropriate policies (e.g., the adoption of a code of ethics); establish a supervisory body within the company and above all, helped to train and educate the company staff to bring them on board with the changes.


The customer, with the adoption and implementation of the OMC, seized the opportunity to gain a better knowledge and control of dynamics and internal processes, and achieved the important goal of optimizing the organization, harmonizing its structure and procedures with legislative requirements and has made serious improvement in its flexibility and managerial approach. The net result was a significant innovation and improvement of the company business which has a positive impact on the bottom line.

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