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Business abroad

Business abroad


A Como-based SME with a strong propensity to foreign markets, decided to set up a branch in the Far East, hoping to reduce the distance perceived by its customers, limiting use of local staff (not always welcome), increase business opportunities and, last but not least, create the conditions for eventually developing a full service company in the new country.

The LTA approach

The first contact with the company involved our accountants: the focal points in the field of internationalization are usually the tax considerations, and the choice of the most appropriate legal instrument (representative office, branch, subsidiary etc.). We studied the new market and provided the customer with all the relevant information, eventually settling on Taipei as the best area to move to. Tax and corporate law in Taiwan are particularly beneficial, not least thanks to a recent Italy-Taiwan convention against double taxation.

With the help of our labor law specialists, the customer chose the Italian personnel to be employed abroad and the right solutions with the best trade-off between convenience and security. Thanks to the advice of our lawyers, experts in international law, we clarified the practical differences between the structural solutions from a legal point of view (in terms of responsibility, protections etc.) and the Customer finally opted to form a new "subsidiary" entity.


Thanks to the work of the LTA team and the cooperation of trusted colleagues in Taipei, in a few weeks, the customer was able to arrange the transfer of two employees to Taiwan, establish a new LTD and obtained all the necessary authorizations and permits.

The collaboration between LTA and the Customer continues today to ensure proper management of the foreign subsidiary, amplifying the benefits arising from the business and limiting the risks.

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