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International tax and legal services

International tax and legal services

Based in Milan, Italy's city of business and commerce, Studio LTA has extensive experience helping international firms conduct business in Italy and elsewhere. Founded on principles of client-centrism, deep expertise and a multifaceted approach to challenges, the Studio is an exceptional ally as you look to develop your interests internationally. We help both private individuals and companies in their legal and tax affairs in Italy and beyond.
The following are some of our areas of special focus on the international arena.

Business abroad

Whether you want to take advantage of foreign markets in the future or you are already doing so and you feel it is time to open an office or a branch abroad, Studio LTA can help you in choosing the best strategy and the place to operate, in the light of the legal and tax implications of any area. We assist you in the preparation of contracts and agreements; in delicate negotiations with foreign partners, customers or suppliers; and in the prevention and resolution of controversies.

Protect Your Business

Since 2001, companies and organizations are held to account for crimes committed by their directors, officers and employees with severe penalties for those not prepared.

Studio LTA can help protect organizations from such risks through the creation and adoption of an Organisation, (cd Management and Control system "Form 231"), which is a legally-recognized, Integrated Management System capable of governing the business aspects of Quality, Safety, Environmental protection, Finance, etc.

With this in mind, Studio LTA enables clients to achieve harmonization between the legislative requirements and real-world corporate operating procedures to ensure that, while respecting managerial flexibility, a regulatory framework can be introduced to protect your firm and its Directors, innovate company processes and help enable greater success on the markets.

Plan your future

The theme of inheritance planning and protection has always been of great interest and it is even more so today in light of the difficult global economic and financial situation.

With assistance from Studio LTA, you will be able to reorganize and manage your funds, protecting them from personal, family and business risks and thus ensure that the fruit of many years of work remain safe. Studio LTA can help you plan, divide, or diversify your funds on time and in a secure, legal manner .

Reorganize your company

What was once a great system may not be so tomorrow. All companies arrive at moments where the organization and structure must be reviewed and modified in the light of market forces, internal relations or the prospects of generational shift. Twenty years of experience working with international companies has given Studio LTA the experience to assist with timely analysis and methods to identify corporate strengths and weaknesses, available resources and future opportunities. Armed with this knowledge, LTA helps to identify the right moves and supports you in achieving them and in monitoring their performance.

LTA also provides advice and assistance in the creation of extraordinary corporate transactions such as mergers, de-mergers, transformations, corporate transfers etc.

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