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Cross-border litigation

Cross-border litigation

Resolve disputes with Studio LTA

If you are facing disputes or law suits in the commercial or fiscal world, be it locally or abroad, Studio LTA can make a difference in protecting your business. Thanks to our highly-skilled and experienced professionals and a strong network of partner studios, LTA is able to provide you with timely and valuable assistance to help you overcome any litigation proceedings.

Studio LTA professionals offer you the legal and fiscal assistance you need to define the disputes arising from the implementation or interpretation of a contract, whether it falls within a local or foreign jurisdiction, and can help you to understand whether it is best managed through full legal proceedings or if it might better be referred to arbitration. Studio LTA is able to represent you in any jurisdiction, civil or administrative, local or foreign.

With specific reference to litigation abroad, LTA is able to assist its clients in all those disputes pending before any foreign jurisdiction, following either the criteria established by the disputed contract or by international legislation. Even then, Studio LTA avails itself of geo-localized law firms, with proven experience and reliability, present in every major country in the world. In the case of pending litigation before foreign jurisdictions, in fact, achieving a close and active cooperation with foreign correspondent firms takes on an especially decisive character, and makes having a trusted point of reference as the case progresses even more important. Studio LTA will support you all the way.

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