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Transfer pricing

Transfer pricing

Transfer pricing with Studio LTA

Companies operating internationally, face a series of potential risk areas, such as tax inversion, double-taxation risks or transactions involving "black listed" countries which are subject to intense scrutiny from tax authorities. Especially when transactions involve inter-company pricing policies and financial exchanges, the challenges are even greater.

The introduction of an effective and well-drafted Transfer Pricing Model, helps prevent disputes with tax authorities, ward off sanctions and fines, and what's more, can also better focus the group's strategy.

What are the main elements to consider?

Studio LTA provides the necessary tax, accounting, financial and legal advice necessary to help you prepare a "masterfile", which collects information about the group, and the "National Documentation", which contains information relating to the resident enterprises.
We assist you in mapping out intra-group transactions, with a comparative analysis of the operations involved, including evaluation of "free competition" values which are essential components of assuring a successful transfer-pricing policy. We can further help you draft or adapt the contracts involved in these transfers to as to place your operations on the most secure basis possible.

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