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International taxation

International taxation

Resolve and prevent tax issues with Studio LTA

Thanks to a team of qualified professionals who combine in-depth knowledge of numerous international legal and tax issues with many years of field experience, Studio LTA can provide extensive support for companies and individuals in their tax, financial and corporate affairs.

The Firm advises multinational groups, Italian and foreign companies and individuals (resident and non-resident) as they plan their taxes, or seek to resolve and prevent tax problems.

Knowledge of the tax systems in Italy, across the EU and within non-EU countries, especially international treaties and the conventions against double taxation, allows the Studio to assist and advise you in all fiscal areas. We have particularly deep experience with opening companies in Italy or abroad, conducting cross-border mergers and acquisitions and international joint ventures.

The firm also offers assistance with transfer pricing issues, cost sharing agreements and all aspects related to the planning and structuring of foreign investments. Where necessary, Studio LTA can rely upon the cooperation of numerous highly reliable local correspondents, ensuring an exceptionally wide expertise in foreign taxation environments.

LTA assists you in issues which are often underestimated or forgotten, such as, for example, double taxation in cases of changing residency, tax liability arising from employment (fringe benefits, bonuses, stock options etc.), or even in day-to-day matters such as preparation of tax forms; tax on goods bound over at customs, income subject to special taxation, tax credits or taxation on property/assets.

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